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At iHSEQ, our work safety training and coaching come with a range of benefits, including a motivated, informed workforce, effective leaders promoting safety culture, convenient coaching options, access to industry-leading health and safety expertise, compliance with relevant legal requirements, and reduced liability.

Our client-centered approach takes into account the specific legal requirements and industry needs of our clients to ensure the right frequency, mode, and content of our training and coaching. Our expert induction services ensure newcomers to the team understand the safety expectations and requirements in place, and we can support companies that have experienced safety incidents or near-misses.

Our comprehensive portfolio of topics is relevant to different industries, including workshops, manufacturers, aviation, health, logistics, service providers, and more. We offer face-to-face sessions, train-the-trainer, in-house consultant education, web-based solutions, and a combination of these options.

As trusted advisors and experts, we have innovative solutions for workplace safety training, deliver customized training and coaching in occupational health and safety and are dedicated to ensuring our clients achieve their safety goals.

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