About us

Hi! We are iHSEQ

iHSEQ is a professional consultancy business that specializes in Occupational Health & Safety Services.

Our team of qualified Safety Advisors has over 8 years of experience and is expert in all safety system audits and works. We assess potential risks and provide clear recommendations to the client based on our professional experience, while adhering to state legislation and guidelines. Our foundation of professionalism and exceptional customer service enables us to provide fast, reliable, and accurate project deliverables for every job.



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Our experience will help you create a quality product

iHSEQ’s clients range from the construction trade, building restoration, civil contractors, asbestos removal contractors, insurance companies, commercial industry, through to government/public sectors.

Working collectively with clients our staff, develop viable and often immediate solutions with an emphasis on safe, detailed, and high-quality work. Alongside quick response times and costeffective solutions, the team at iHSEQ are dedicated to work health and safety and providing a safer environment for all.

iHSEQ is based in the Sydney metro area, enabling us to easily service the greater Sydney region from Wollongong to Newcastle to the Blue Mountains.With advanced notice, iHSEQ can also service regional NSW and interstate works as required.

Online sevices
3 years
Site Audits & Inspections
5 years
Safety Training
10 years
12 years

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure HSE and Risk systems are is maximised at every point.

We strive to develop leaders who demonstrate strong safety and risk values, and do so through coaching and leadership programs of a strategic nature. As a result, we help shape an HSE and Risk focused culture across the organisation.

Our Mission

We do so by influencing key change initiatives. These initiatives include developing practical leadership and communication programs, and championing the design of effective and strategic systems and processes. Our mission encompasses adding value beyond the strategic solution, to enable organisational leaders to establish accountability. As a result, this optimises the application of HSE and Risk Management Systems across the organisation.

The iHSEQ Difference

We are able to customise solutions that fit end-to-end. We work first-hand with stakeholders and on-ground teams to implement systems and process to ensure success.

Our applications, processes and systems have streamlined operations across high risk and complex industries. These industries include the energy sector, engineering and construction and defence through to government agencies, transport and logistics and small business. We work with your team as a combined entitity and design solutions that fit.

How iHSEQ System Works?

We will come and meet with you to talk about your needs. Every client’s business is different, so why would we offer everybody the same?

You are in business to provide a product or service in a competitive world. Our approach is personal, professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Whatever your trade, business size or type, we will work with you to manage your health and safety onsite effectively, develop relevant and practical documentation and provide training to implement procedures for your business, workers and sub-contractors with cost effective, easy to use and scalable solutions. We offer:

  • HSEQ advice
  • HSEQ management system reviews
  • Business analysis to determine needs and gaps in safety compliance
  • Develop a safety, quality & environmental system sustainable for your business ( SWMS, Procedures, Manuals and Forms)
  • Provide system documentation in both hard/soft copy as required from the safety, quality & environmental system.

Get in touch! We are looking forward to start a new project.