Ongoing Health & Safety Service

iHSEQ has built a comprehensive range of services to make WHS simpler for you.

We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for all of your workplace safety requirements. From auditing and risk assessments to testing and tagging and training and inductions, iHSEQ’s range of services assist you to not only implement a WHS system, but provide the on-going support to ensure your business continually improves and your WHS system is maintained.

The Services provided by iHSEQ include:

Safe Work Practices (SWMS, JSA, SOP)

Businesses may use different terms to describe their safe work practices. Whether it’s Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Auditing / Risk Assessments

iHSEQ can offer auditing and risk assessments to assist businesses identify areas of improvement. WLSS have developed auditing tools

Contractor Management

Businesses are not just responsible for providing a safe work environment for their workers, they also need to ensure that any trades and contractors engaged are safe.

WHS Training & Inductions

Providing training for workers can offer long term benefits to businesses through developing new skills and professional growth

Client Advantage Program

iHSEQ offers a program aimed to reduce the stress of WHS compliancy on your business and to help keep on top of your WHS requirements

Testing & Tagging

iHSEQ provide testing and tagging of electrical items to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760, to ensure business’ electrical equipment is …

Fire Training

To compliment iHSEQ WHS Training and Induction services, we also offer specific training in fire extinguishers, including

Emergency Plans

The potential for loss and injury to life and damage to property as a result of an emergency can be disastrous. Workplaces

Incident & Accident Investigation

iHSEQ is qualified, licensed and registered as an Investigation Agent with the Office of Consumer and Business Services.

On-site Safety Support

iHSEQ understands that businesses are busy and work health and safety can be complex and sometimes overwhelming.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are putting themselves, their fellow work mates and the public at risk.

Return To Work Co-ordination

iHSEQ can assist implement strategies and systems which are designed to help reduce the amount of time a worker is away from their job.

Holiday Rental Compliance

iHSEQ has tailored systems which ensure the level of risks associated with holiday homes and short term rentals are reduced.
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